Shore Acres/Ponderosa Shores/Patrician Point

This area takes up a large segment of Northeast St. Petersburg and is made up of the communities of Shore Acres, Ponderosa Shores, Patrician Point, and a tip of Snell Isle. There is a wide-range of home and condo price-points based on location and whether the property has water access. Shore Acres is mainly a blue-collar neighborhood but has a strip of Tampa Bay waterfront area called Bayshore Boulevard that is about 1 mile long. This area is transforming into very high-end construction area as buyers are building massive homes on the waterfront. The mix of architecture makes this area a very interesting place to invest. The home prices drop significantly across Bayshore Blvd to the land-locked side lots. There is a lot of building on this side as well as people want to live in the area and can afford it since this side of Bayshore is not waterfront.

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