The follow are what I feel you should avoid asking for to settle inspection results:  

1.  Do not ask for items costing under $10 to be replaced.  Do that yourself and go for the important items. 

2.  Don’t request replacement of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

3.  Don’t focus on cosmetic issues in a resale home. 

4.  Don’t ask for repairs related to minor plumbing or electrical issues, unless it is something required fixing to obtain your mortgage.  

5.  Don’t ask for repair of hairline cracks in basements or driveways.  This is normal wear and tear. 

6.  Don’t ask for replacement of outdoor landscaping, porch, and fencing repairs. 

7.  Don’t ask for replacement of failed seals in windows. 

These are all things that should be handled by the buyer when ownership is taken.  Focusing on the above could possibly turn the seller off and make the transaction go south at the beginning for negotiations.